Pima Community College Honors Dr. Greg Watson for Earning ACUE Certificate in Effective Teaching Practice

Tucson, AZ – May 21, 2024 – Pima Community College (PCC) is pleased to announce that Dr. Greg Watson, Professor of Business and Entrepreneurship, has successfully completed the prestigious Certificate in Effective Teaching Practice Framework offered by the Association of College and University Educators (ACUE). This accomplishment is part of a broader initiative at PCC to enhance teaching quality and foster student success through evidence-based instructional practices.

Certificate in Effective Teaching Practice

A Milestone in Academic Excellence

Dr. Watson’s achievement is a significant milestone in his academic career and a testament to his dedication to student success. The Certificate in Effective Teaching Practice Framework is a rigorous program that demands approximately 60 hours of coursework. It is designed to equip educators with the skills necessary to create learner-centered, equitable, and engaging learning environments.

The comprehensive program covers a broad spectrum of effective teaching practices, including:

ACUE Certification Effective Teaching Practice Framework - Dr. Greg Watson

Dr. Watson’s completion of this program underscores his commitment to refining his teaching methodologies and implementing practices that significantly enhance student outcomes.

The Impact of ACUE Certification

Research indicates that students in courses taught by ACUE-certified faculty experience greater academic success and higher retention rates. By adopting these high-impact teaching practices, Dr. Watson and his colleagues are playing a crucial role in advancing PCC’s mission to provide high-quality, accessible education that meets the needs of its diverse student body.

“We chose to engage with ACUE because of the compelling evidence showing that students benefit tremendously from courses taught by ACUE-certified faculty,” said Dr. Kate Schmidt, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Faculty Affairs & Development. “Dr. Watson’s achievement is a shining example of the commitment our faculty have to student success.”

Honoring Excellence in Teaching

In recognition of this outstanding accomplishment, Dr. Watson and his fellow ACUE-certified faculty members will be honored at a pinning ceremony during All College Day on August 23, 2024, at the West Campus. The ceremony will celebrate the dedication and hard work of PCC faculty who have completed the ACUE program, highlighting their contributions to the college’s academic community.

Ceremony Details

The pinning ceremony is a long-standing tradition within the ACUE community, symbolizing the faculty’s commitment to implementing the effective teaching practices they have learned. Each certified faculty member will be awarded a certificate and a pin, signifying their dedication to excellence in education.

“We are incredibly proud of our ACUE-certified faculty,” said Dr. Kate Schmidt, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Faculty Affairs and Development. “Their commitment to enhancing their teaching practices not only benefits our students but also strengthens the overall quality of education at Pima Community College.”

About Dr. Greg Watson

Dr. Greg Watson is a seasoned educator with a passion for business and entrepreneurship. His innovative approach to teaching has inspired countless students to pursue their academic and professional goals. By completing the ACUE Certificate in Effective Teaching Practice Framework, Dr. Watson has further demonstrated his dedication to providing a high-quality, engaging educational experience for his students.

A Comprehensive Educational Experience

The ACUE program’s Effective Teaching Practice Framework encompasses a wide range of skills designed to enhance teaching and learning. Key areas of focus include:

  1. Ensuring Learner-Centered Course Outcomes: This involves designing aligned assessments and assignments that reflect the course outcomes, creating an inclusive syllabus, and preparing for a productive first day.

  2. Establishing a Productive Learning Environment: Faculty are trained to promote a civil learning environment, motivate students, ensure equitable access to learning, and help students persist in their studies.

  3. Using Active Learning Strategies: Techniques such as using groups for active learning, employing the active learning cycle, and developing effective class sessions and lectures are covered.

  4. Promoting Higher-Order Thinking: The program emphasizes the importance of planning and facilitating engaging discussions, using concept maps and other visualization tools, and teaching powerful note-taking skills.

  5. Assessing to Inform Instruction and Promote Learning: This includes using advanced questioning techniques, developing self-directed learners, and creating equitable grading practices.

By mastering these skills, Dr. Watson and his colleagues are well-equipped to foster an engaging and supportive learning environment that encourages student success.

Looking Ahead

The certification of Dr. Watson and his peers marks a significant step forward in PCC’s ongoing efforts to enhance teaching quality and support student achievement. The upcoming pinning ceremony will not only celebrate the accomplishments of these dedicated educators but also inspire others within the PCC community to pursue similar professional development opportunities.

“We are committed to continuous improvement and professional development for our faculty,” said Dr. Michael Parker, Academic Dean of Social Sciences and Education. “The success of our ACUE-certified faculty is a testament to the positive impact of these initiatives on our students and the broader academic community.”

As Pima Community College looks to the future, the institution remains dedicated to fostering an environment of academic excellence and innovation. The achievements of Dr. Watson and his fellow ACUE-certified faculty members are a testament to this commitment and serve as an inspiration to all educators striving to make a meaningful difference in the lives of their students.


Pima Community College is proud to honor Dr. Greg Watson and his colleagues for their dedication to excellence in teaching. The ACUE Certificate in Effective Teaching Practice Framework represents a significant professional milestone and highlights the positive impact that well-prepared educators can have on student success. As the college prepares to celebrate these accomplishments at the upcoming pinning ceremony, the entire PCC community looks forward to the continued contributions of its ACUE-certified faculty in advancing the institution’s mission and goals.