Academic Research and Industry Research

Academic Research

Dr. Watson completed his PhD dissertation focusing on the omnichannel consumer buyer behavior in the modern digital ecommerce environment. This was a critical breakthrough – prior academic “thought” suggested that the “utility cost” (friction) of changing channels kept consumers within the distribution channel. This breakthrough thought was disruptive to traditional theory.  Today you can observe consumers with a smartphone dynamically channel switching between online channels and bricks-n-mortar channels throughout all phases of the consumer buyer decision making process.

The Economic Impact of Tech Launch Arizona (TLA) and the TLA-Linked Companies it has Enabled (2016, 2017, and 2018); and potential future economic impact, June, 2019

Dr. Greg Watson conducted an economic impact study for the University of Arizona and their research commercialization and licensing arm Tech Launch Arizona, analyzing the economic impact of the new company ventures launched and licensed through UofA research (see page 19)

Technology and Innovation Economic Corridor

Dr. Greg Watson conducted an economic and public policy analysis study for a proposed regional technology, innovation, and economic corridor; leveraging the resources of a variety of critical economic, entrepreneurial ecosystem, industry, and educational partners, ranging from the bookends of Tucson and Phoenix, including the University of Arizona and Arizona State University.

Industry Research

Academics Crossing Into Industry


MBA Thesis

Dr. Watson’s MBA Thesis for the University of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign was a study of the political, regulatory, and economic opportunity of the used construction equipment market in China. While this was an academic research project, it was used by Caterpillar, the world’s largest manufacturer of construction and mining equipment as they analyzed their expansion into China and their increased investment and ownership of the SEM Shandong Engineering Machinery Co.


Feasibility Studies

Dr. Watson has conducted hundreds of feasibility studies; most commonly to assist and facilitate companies in the preparation of loan documentation.


Venture Capital

Raising Equity – Dr. Watson has personal experience on both sides of the venture capital table, both having raised venture capital as an entrepreneur and as an early stage investor.

Do you need to discover that right balance between risk and terms on a term sheet? Don’t even know how those concepts are related? Calculated? Mean?



Dr. Watson rarely takes on new consulting clients.

What is a consultant? Are they trading time for dollars? That’s an employee!

There is nothing more valuable than investing in a coach or a consultant to help you achieve a goal. So if you are a right fit, or a right match, Dr. Watson typically takes on one or two new clients each year.

But for those capable of taking action – there are a lot of great courses – both academic and industry – that can teach you knowledge and skills. So if you know what you want and need – there is probably a great course already available for you!


House of Representatives

Dr. Watson spent five years as a researcher with the house of representatives, developing a unique position based on expertise, relationships, and trust that crossed party lines. This collegiality and trust placed him behind the scenes and behind closed doors where very few individuals ever had the opportunity to experience the processes and procedures of decision making at the highest levels.


Think Tanks

Dr. Watson has served as the Research Director for two public policy think tanks. The first, an economic and tax public policy think tank with both state and federal legislative and public policy ties. His civics curriculum was still being distributed for over 20 years.


Serial Entrepreneur

When Dr. Watson returned to graduate school – his professors described him as a serial entrepreneur. His approach to learning was different than the traditional student – and this difference is a critical distinguishing point!

Dr. Watson purses education to learn to think “Inside the Box” – to understand theory, thought, the why things work … while most people at this stage are trying to pursue education to learn to think “outside the box” because they have been trapped inside processes, formulas, and rigid mindsets …


So Who Do You Want to Call?

It’s not a hard question …

Do you want to call the person whohas done it, is currently doing it, and understands why and how?

Or do you want to talk to someone that can only speak theoretically about something? Or can only speak to you about bureaucratic processes, but doesn’t really understand why? Or what it means?

When you are in a crisis or problem – we need real solutions – probably innovative solutions – that we know why they are going to work, not just wild guesses ..

Reach Out to Collaborate

Are you a person, organization, institution, or entrepreneur who is part of an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem that would like to collaborate or partner on an opportunity? I would love to contribute, collaborate, or partner with you …